Sunfire HRS12 12'' High Resolution Series Subwoofer - (Black)

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Manufacturer Sunfire
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High efficiency Tracking Downconverter amplifier Low distortion Premium quality driver Extremely compact size Automatic signal-sensing turn-on and standby mode


You could certainly be forgiven for wanting an HRS subwoofer on its looks alone. With their compact, stunning, piano -like finished cabinets, the HRS Series subs make a design statement about themselves and you. What's more, beneath this beautiful exterior lies some of today's most advanced audio science. Like Sunfire's High Back-emf driver technology that produces massive amounts of low distortion bass from some of the smallest drivers around. In fact, the HRS-12 delivers output equal to the performance of most available 15" subwoofers and does so with an unmatched visual finesse. The HRS-12 is ideal for larger rooms and dedicated home theater environments where the emphasis is on movies.

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